Propane Forklift Tank

Filling a forklift tank with propane is something many forklift drivers have learned to do. At many manufacturing or distribution centers, there are large central propane tanks which drivers use to fill the smaller tank that powers their forklift. But this process can be very time consuming and in some cases dangerous. That is why more and more facilities are moving to partnerships with propane exchange companies, like

A propane exchange company keeps the large central propane tank offsite. They fill up each individual forklift tank at their offsite facility and deliver those full individual tanks back to the manufacturer or distributor. The forklift drivers can then just attach the new individual tank, pre-filled, onto their forklift, and the propane exchange company takes the empty tanks back to their central facility to be refilled. This allows the manufacturing and distribution companies to lessen their liability, as well as the burden of filling that is traditionally placed on their forklift drivers. Please contact us if we can help you with your forklift tank.