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Propane Storage Cages

Propane Storage Cages Forklift Propane Exchange provides galvanized welded steel, lockable storage cages. The cages provide efficient organized storage for propane cylinders while protecting them from damage and theft. Storage cabinets come in four, eight and twelve cylinder capacity. Our cages are properly placarded to exceed OSHA requirements. We work to provide our customers with the products and services they need to run a successful and safe business.

Our steel lockable storage cages come in three sizes designed to be used as single units or multiple combinations as needed. Storage cages are welded for dependability and will retain appearance for many years. View the chart below for specifics of each propane tank cage.

Propane Tank Cage Specs

Model Height Depth Width
12 Cylinder Cage 63 in. 35 in. 43 in.
8 Cylinder Cage 64 in. 37 in. 30 in.
4 Cylinder Cage 34 in. 32 in. 30 in.

Not sure what cage is the right size for your propane cylinder storage needs? Ready to buy a propane storage cage? Contact us today and we will help you find the propane storage solution for your needs.