Inside St. Louis Perimeter Propane

The demand for propane to power forklifts is growing in St. Louis and Gateway Propane Exchange is ready to get your business moving. We are a local company that is dedicated to providing dependable and affordable propane exchange service. Whether you need new propane on a daily, weekly or monthly basis we can create a computerized schedule that meets your needs. Gateway Propane also offers will-call deliveries and 24 hour emergency service if you ever need it. We are committed to making sure your forklifts never have to shut down because of a lack of fuel.
Propane is quickly becoming fuel of choice for forklifts, powering more than 80% of the spark-ignition forklifts on the market. Other advantages of propane-powered forklifts include:
·         Five minute refueling time
·         Flexible indoor and outdoor uses
·         Automatic shut-off safety feature
·         Low maintenance and long lasting
·         Clean-burning and non-toxic
·         Energy efficiency rating of nearly 90%
·         90% of propane is domestically produced
Gateway Propane specializes in forklift cylinder exchange with a high level of customer service. In addition, we also provide lawn mower propane exchange services, wholesale transport delivery, and heating options.
To remove any hassle, Gateway Propane will exchange your empty propane tanks with full, all aluminum tanks that are air-tight so that no propane is spilled onto your property. Contact us for more information on how Gateway can serve you.
Gateway Propane is proud to serve the St. Louis area including:

·St. Louis: 63101, 63102, 63103, 63104, 63105, 63106, 63107, 63108, 63109,
63110, 63111, 63112, 63113, 63114, 63115, 63116, 63117, 63118, 63119, 63120, 63121, 63122, 63123, 63124, 63125, 63126, 63130, 63131, 63132, 63133, 63134, 63135, 63136, 63137, 63139, 63140, 63143, 63144, 63147        
·St. Ann: 63074