Outdoor Heating

Forklift Propane
Anyone who enjoys a backyard picnic in the summer knows that feeling of dread when that first nip of winter comes in the air. This is the time of year when you have to say goodbye to family dinners on the deck and delicious barbecue on the grill. That is unless you own an outdoor propane patio heater! A propane patio heater can help you enjoy your outdoor space longer and well into the fall season. Propane patio heaters are perfect for home outdoor spaces, outdoor events, and restaurants with patio seating.

Forklift Propane offer propane patio radiant heaters and 20 lb. cylinder exchange. Benefits of a propane radiant heater includes:

Propane Patio Radiant Heaters
  • 40,000 BTU of Radiant Heat
  • Operates on a 20 lb. cylinder that we deliver
  • Easy Push Button Ignition
  • Heaters Assembled and Delivered for $339.99
Cylinder exchange with Forklift Propane includes:

20 lb. Cylinder Exchange
  • No Hassle, Convenient Delivery
  • 20 lb. cylinders delivered $22 each
  • Weekly deliveries or will call for delivery
  • Lockable Racks Available
Forklift Propane Exchange is a leading provider of outdoor propane patio heater products in most of their geographic locations. Contact us today to learn more about what propane can do for your outdoor space.