PERC Releases New Online Resource for Business Owners Interested in Propane Equipment

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The Propane Education & Research Council released a new online resource that details how business owners can improve operations by choosing propane-powered forklifts.
“If businesses are looking for easy refueling, fewer emissions, or equipment that never quits, propane forklifts get the job done — whether it’s a small task or heavy lift,” said Jeremy Wishart, PERC director of off-road business development. “Our newest resource will showcase all that a propane forklift can do for their specific operation.”
Propane’s versatility and key advantages over other fuels make it extremely valuable to the material handling, distribution, and logistics market. Not only does propane reliably deliver the power and versatility that businesses need, but the fuel also has the capability to handle virtually every size of workload — meaning businesses can plan for only one fuel type for any project.