Propane Forklift Safety

Propane forklift safety is something that everyone should care about. The potential damage to property, lost productivity or in the worst cases injury or even death are all reasons that businesses that use forklifts should take every precaution to provide the safest workplace possible. Unfortunately, for facilities that choose to have their forklift drivers refill their own propane cylinders, there is a much higher obligation to ensure they meet all of the critical safety propane requirements. But companies that choose to partner with a propane cylinder exchange service can avoid most of these hassles. Because by hiring an exchange company to exchange your empty propane tanks with pre-filled cylinders, you put the burden on us.

Forklift Propane Exchange uses the safest and most efficient methods to keep your propane forklifts running smoothly and safely. Our professionally trained staff can provide forklift propane safety training classes for your employees, and our people are trained to adhere to the highest standards. These include:
  • Our cylinders are inspected each time they are returned to our facility for refill
  • No liquid is transferred on your premises
  • Damaged cylinders are always removed from service
  • We repair or replace leaky valves
  • We replace O-Rings as needed
  • All of our procedures meet and exceed insurance/OSHA standards

Thousands of people have made propane their forklift fuel of choice because it is the safest, cleanest, most cost effective and reliable solution to their energy needs. Please contact us if you have any questions about propane forklift safety.