South Florida Lift Gas Opens in Miami, FL

Rhine LLC is pleased to announce that on October 1, 2012 it entered into a joint venture partnership with Paraco Gas Corporation to form South Florida Lift Gas LLC, located in Miami, Florida.

Rhine's decision to make a strategic push towards the motor fuel business in South Florida stems from its long and extensive experience of successfully running similar propane cylinder delivery businesses that service markets in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, and Texas. The company joined with Paraco Gas, one of the nation's largest propane distributors in January 2012 in an effort to expand the company's services to new markets across the country.

All products offered by South Florida Lift Gas will support the industry trend of utilizing propane as a commercial fuel for lawnmowers, forklifts and other propane-fueled equipment.

Kendall Rhine, president of Rhine LLC, says "We're really excited about this latest addition in Miami. We know that we can bring a great level of service to the marketplace in that area.

Mike Gioffre, president of Paraco South, shares his enthusiasm for the new opening in Miami as well as for the owner-operator model in general. "We've got two great companies here who have a solid foundation of success in this industry. We're excited about the opportunities to partner with owner-operators across the country who are interested in building successful propane cylinder delivery businesses in their regions."

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