The Triad

Locally owned and operated, N.C Propane Exchange is a propane cylinder exchange company that has been providing unparalleled service to the Triad area in North Carolina for years. The Triad consists of Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point and is the primary focus for our services. The benefits of propane are extensive and N.C Propane Exchange is delighted to be a leading provider of high quality propane.

Safe and Secure

At N.C Propane Exchange, our propane equipment and appliances are manufactured to rigorous safety standards, as well as being tested thoroughly for reliability. The propane industry has developed numerous methods to make the transport and use of propane safe and N.C Propane Exchange takes every precaution seriously. We are a safety-minded company and our goal is to make the process easier for our clients. Not to mention, we provide forklift propane safety training for your employees as a part of our service.


Propane fueled forklifts are the most economical way to service your material handling needs. These forklifts have lower life-cycle costs than electric-, gasoline-, or diesel-powered forklifts for both maintenance and fuel related expenses.
  • Maintenance: Since propane produces lower amounts of engine deposits than gasoline and diesel, maintenance is minimized. Propane engines often last up to twice as long as their gasoline counterparts.
  • Fuel: One 33 pound propane tank can provide eight hours of operating time for the average forklift, which is less when compared on a BTU basis for electric forklifts.
  • Our goal at N.C Propane Exchange is to not only meet our client’s expectations, but exceed them. We offer a 24x7 propane cylinder exchange service that helps alleviate stress related to running out of fuel. Our knowledgeable staff will provide pre-filled propane cylinders to your place of business or wherever is most useful to you. Zip codes for the Triad area include:
    • Greensboro: 27401, 27402, 27405, 27406, 27407, 27409, 27416, 27419, 27420, 27425, 27429
    • Winston-Salem: 27101, NE 27102, SW- 27103, N- 27105, NW- 27106, S- 27107, W- 27114, N- 27115, S- 27127
    • High Point: 27260, 27261, 27263